So….I’m that person that rarely used to workout. In fact, I really didn’t know how to work out or where to start. It wasn’t until I ended up in physical therapy for the second time because of chronic back pain, that I knew I had to start improving my muscle strength. My husband likes to say that I was “skinny fat” because while I was small, I had no muscle tone at all. Determined not to have to back for therapy, I headed to the gym. Boy, was I ever lost! To save some embarrassment, because I would have had to read the tutorial on how to use most of the equipment, I headed to the classroom. That day started my obsession with high-intensity-interval-training. That Insanity class, though I did a lot of modifications,  left me energized and really feeling like “I got this.” I continued to attend the classes and within a month, I saw huge changes. I have more energy, more muscle tone, and a lot less back pain.


For those of you who do not know what HIIT is, it involves short intervals (usually less than 60 seconds) of really pushing yourself to the max, followed by a rest period (usually about 10-30 seconds). These are great cardio workouts that involve strength training as well. I absolutely love them, especially because of the results. The best part is that they do not have to be long workouts at all.  Get your self an interval timer (there are free apps) and give it a shot. You might find that you like working out after all.


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